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Tax Compliance Management System (Tax CMS)

Minimizing risks

The taxation of non-profit corporations is prone to errors due to its particular complexity and is often the responsibility of people working on a voluntary basis. If an error is made in the fulfillment of tax obligations, these days it is easy to be accused of tax evasion. In addition to the personal liability of legal representatives, there is also the threat of criminal consequences.

In a letter dated May 23, 2016, the tax authorities now offer taxpayers the option of introducing a Tax Compliance Management System, or Tax CMS for short, to exonerate themselves from the accusation of tax evasion.

Optimizing taxes

In addition to controlling liability and criminal law consequences, a modern tax CMS is an instrument for minimizing the tax burden within the legally permissible framework. An in-depth examination of the tax issues is the only way to identify potential room for maneuver.

Securing non-profit status

Non-profit organizations also face the challenge of securing their status in order to maintain the associated tax and other benefits. Consistent compliance with the non-profit status rules under tax law in Sections 51 et seq. AO is indispensable. A Tax CMS from BPG Düsseldorf uncovers the relevant risks and provides customized solutions.

Implementation processes

The introduction of a Tax CMS extends over the following project phases:

  • Decision phase
  • Analysis phase
  • Evaluation phase
  • Implementation phase
  • Monitoring and optimization phase
  • Reporting phase
  • Our expertise, your benefit!

The advantages of a Tax CMS

  • Minimization of liability and criminal law risks
  • Reduction of errors in tax declarations
  • Optimization of the tax burden
  • Increased efficiency in internal processes
  • Fewer tax audits, fewer findings
  • Securing non-profit status
  • Preservation of reputation

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