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The joint process

Company succession and transfer is a joint undertaking between the transferor and the successor. Many areas of such a transaction are so complex that they can only be properly assessed with the help of experts. We support you with our specialist knowledge on the following issues, among others:

  • What transfer models are available and how long does such a transaction take?
  • What information about the company is crucial?
  • How is the value of the company calculated and what purchase price is appropriate?
  • What role does the legal form play in the transfer?
  • How can the transfer to the new company be supported by the former owner?
  • What are the tax implications of the succession for the transferor and the successor?

For the entrepreneur and former owner

A change in management and ownership must be planned and prepared for at an early stage so as not to jeopardize the company on the market. For a successful transfer, a number of tasks need to be mastered, which can pose a major challenge for both the owner and their future successor. In addition, the entrepreneurial and future-proof orientation is also becoming increasingly important when it comes to financing issues and lending. This makes it all the more important to set the course for future-proofing and succession in the company at an early stage.

The following questions are particularly relevant for the previous owner, i.e. the transferor:

  • When should I start thinking about succession?
  • Which successor is suitable and how do I choose one?
  • What consequences will the change have for the company and how will this affect the company value?
  • What tax aspects need to be considered and which transfer model is the most suitable?
  • To what extent can I use the business transfer as a pension plan?
  • What advice should I take advantage of?

For the successor and new entrepreneur

Many aspects of company succession apply equally to the external successor and the successor from within the family. The focus should always be on the competence of the successor and not on their family affiliation. External successors can also enrich the company and manage it in a future-proof manner.

The aim is to successfully master the generational change and to secure the existence of the company and its jobs as well as the economic existence of the successor in the long term.

Which model of company succession is best for you depends on various criteria. We support you in recognizing these criteria and finding a handover or takeover solution tailored to your individual situation.

Important questions for the company successor are

  • Do I have the skills as an entrepreneur to successfully manage and develop a company in this sector?
  • What are the advantages of founding a new company and what are the advantages of company succession?
  • Where can I find suitable companies that are due for succession?
  • Can I finance the project and which partners are required?
  • What advice should I take advantage of?

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