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Our network: Excellence beyond borders

Crowe Global, Crowe BPG

As of July 2020, Crowe BPG is a member of the Crowe Global network. This not only opens benefits for us, but also our clients – due to our Crowe membership, we have access to experts in all major countries all over the world.

Crowe is a global network of accountants and tax advisors. Ranked as one of the top ten accounting networks in the world, Crowe has over 200 independent accounting and advisory firms in 146 countries. For almost 100 years, Crowe has been making smart decisions for multinational clients working across borders. Besides the fact, that we are all settled in different countires, our professionals all share one commitment: to deliver excellence.

We use our Crowe membership to ensure a high level of cross-border support for our clients. We have access to our international partners in the various countries at any time and thus can provide the optimal support quickly and competently.

In Germany, the Crowe network consists of five renowned companies with 11 offices in 10 cities. In recent years, we have been able to successfully leverage synergies on numerous projects to provide the best possible service to our clients. In addition to our core business, we leverage our combined expertise in Marketing and HR. In addition to Crowe BPG, our network in Germany also includes Crowe Frankfurt, Crowe Kleeberg, RWT and Möhrle Happ Luther.

We are happy to be a part of Crowe Global and look forward to many more exciting projects together.