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Economic support in the evaluation of contract award and tendering projects

Complex public procurement processes are not only subject to the highly formalized regulations of public procurement law. In many cases, they require the implementation of negotiated procedures with high demands on the contractual and economic design of the project. We have designed a large number of such complex projects in the past: PPP (Public Private Partnership) projects in all areas of municipal supply and disposal, as well as projects in the hospital sector and in the construction of public infrastructure and energy contracting models. Our services in detail:

  • Feasibility and profitability study in the run-up to the tendering project
  • Preparation of decisions for politicians and top management on tendering versus in-house solutions
  • Modeling the tender documents from an economic point of view
  • Support during the negotiation process
  • Structuring the contract negotiations according to economic criteria
  • Carrying out the profitability comparison of the bids using a life cycle costing approach
  • Assessment of the general economic efficiency of the bids
  • Preparation of the decision on the award criteria
  • Presentation to politicians and top management

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Dr. Braun
Dr. Braun

Dr. Uwe Braun

Auditor, Tax consultant
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Tax consultant
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