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Price law

A large number of public sector contracts are subject to special price regulations. Price inspection authorities monitor compliance with these regulations on the basis of Regulation PR 30/53 as amended by Regulation PR No. 1/89 of June 13, 1989 and the LSP (Guidelines for Price Determination Based on Cost Price). Violations of these regulations can have considerable negative consequences for contracting authorities, e.g. with regard to the setting of fees.

The same applies to the law on fees on the basis of the respective municipal tax law.

Our services relate to

  • Court-proof calculation of the price calculation
  • Checking the correctness of the price calculation
  • Design advice in the context of price calculation
  • Support with relevant award procedures and tenders
  • Economic efficiency comparisons of various forms of implementation of relevant tasks from the perspective of the public sector on the basis of comparative model calculations (choice of in-house operation, in-house company or mixed-economy company)
  • Court-proof calculation of fees

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Dr. Braun

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