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For factual and legal reasons, compliance has become an important topic in recent years, particularly for public sector companies and institutions. Almost all federal states and local authorities have drawn up a Public Corporate Governance Code for the management and monitoring of their companies, which includes the topic of compliance. For supervisory boards and managers of public companies, the topic is also important in terms of liability law. In addition, procurement and contract award processes in particular are subject to a large number of regulations. Preventing damage to assets and fraudulent acts is also part of the scope of duties. Our services in detail:

  • Determination of the regulations relevant to the company
  • Identification of key risk areas
  • Analysis of the existing internal control system
  • Identification of processes in need of regulation
  • Prophylaxis against damage to assets
  • IT-supported analysis of business transactions and processes
  • Development and certification of a CMS (Compliance Management System)

Your contacts

Dirk Bottermann

Auditor, Tax consultant
Managing Director / Partner

Heiko Zitzen

Tax consultant
Managing Director / Partner