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Tax advice

In dialog with our clients

Tax advice plays an important role in every phase of a company, from its foundation to its liquidation, as well as for a large number of private individuals. None of us likes paying taxes and yet it is our social obligation to do so. Optimizing the taxes to be paid - this is our task as your tax advisor.

Due to the increasingly complex tax and other legal regulations and the variety of decisions by the tax courts, it is now more important than ever to keep abreast of the latest developments in tax law.

We see ourselves as your tax advisor who will always provide you with expert and creative advice on tax and business management issues, and who will show you tax structures to safeguard your assets and improve your earning power. It is important to us that you can concentrate fully on the development of your company and your assets. That is why we offer you all the building blocks you need to do this as part of our service portfolio. For your legal advice, we work together with cooperating law firms as required.

Don't be afraid to ask us your questions. We listen and answer quickly and clearly. But we also ask questions that we think are important for you and help you to answer them.

We always use the latest technology in our work. It is a matter of course for us not only to communicate with you electronically, but also to exchange all company data online if required - always in accordance with the latest IT security standards.

We employ a large number of specialized employees who are available to assist you with your personal concerns.